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Providing timely, cost effective, engineered solutions.


A recognized Leader in Composite Pressure Tank design, with more than 50 years experience in composite tank design and construction, Wellmate has become synonymous with innovative solutions for water storage and pressure boosting applications. State-of-the-art winding equipment, the best materials and an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility guarantee that their one-piece composite construction is second to none, providing you with truly world-class products that are certified to NSF/ANSI std. 61 section 8 and Annex G. In addition, their latest quick-connect advancements demonstrate their ongoing commitment to make the best tanks in the industry the very best they can be.

Water Tech Limited has sold a large number of Wellmate tanks to its customers since its introduction to the local market in 2007. We continue to market this product with the aim of achieving reshaping the market to an international standard.

Water Tech shall be the region's leading provider of water and waste- water equipment and related products in all industries by providing timely, cost-effective engineered solutions from conceptual design to after sales-service.

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