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Oil and Gas

Aurora Split Case Fire Pump Systems

Horizontal split case pumps are the most common type of fire pump. These pumps are specifically designed and tested for fire service applications where reliability of performance is of vital importance.

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Aurora Single Stage Inline Fire Pumps

Vertical Inline Close Coupled Fire Pumps are specifically designed for vertical mounting. The suction and discharge nozzles are located on the same centerline 180° apart. Vertical pumps significantly reduce required mounting space.

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Aurora End Suction Fire Pumps

Aurora’s End Suction Fire Pumps feature a back pullout design for easy dis-assembly and maintenance. Simply remove the motor and bracket or engine assembly for service or inspection; the casing remains in the pipeline.

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Aurora Fire Pump Line

UL Listed/FM Approved Aurora Fire Pump. UL Listed/FM Approved Fire Pump Controller. ETL Listed Packaged Fire Pump System. Aurora Jockey Pump. UL Listed Jockey Pump Controller.

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Fire and Gas Systems

Fire and gas (F&G) detection and mitigation systems are key to maintaining the overall safety and operation of industrial facilities. F&G systems include offshore petroleum exploration and production, onshore oil and gas facilities...

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Foam Systems

Fire suppression foam is comprised of three parts: foam concentrate, water, and air. When mixed correctly, these parts form a homogeneous foam blanket that extinguishes flames by the combined mechanisms of cooling...

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CO2 Suppression Systems

Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a colourless, odourless, electrically non-conductive gas that is highly efficient as a fire suppression agent.  This fire protection system uses intelligent, reliable and fast-acting control panels to quickly sense a fire...

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Power Generator Systems

G.E. Jenbacher Type 6 Gas Engines

ontinuously refined based on our extensive experience, the Jenbacher type 6 engines are reliable, advanced products serving the 1.5 to 4 MW power range. Its 1,500 rpm engine speed results in a high power density and low installation costs. The type 6 pre-combustion chamber achieves maximum efficiency with low emissions.

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G.E. Jenbacher Type 4 Gas Engines

Based on the proven design concepts of types 3 and 6, the modern type 4 engines in the 800 to 1,500 kW power range are characterized by a high power density and outstanding efficiency. The optimized control and monitoring provides easy preventive maintenance and maximum reliability and availability.

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G.E. Jenbacher Type 2 Gas Engines

Its robust design and stationary engine concept result in excellent component durability and a service life of 60,000 operating hours before the first major overhaul. Optimized components and a proven control and monitoring concept give this engine outstanding reliability.

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