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Myers MW Series Pump

2" solids handling heavy-duty residential and commercial sewage pumps available with single or double seals with high head performance for demanding applications. High-efficiency, two-vane, enclosed impeller for high-efficiency pumping eliminates possibility of jamming between impeller and volute.

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Myers 4VH 4 inch Non-Clog Submersible Pump

The 4VH and 4VHX (hazardous location) submersible waste-water pumps are a heavy-duty 4" solids handling series capable of passing a full 3" spherical solid. Myers rounded port, 2-vane, enclosed impellers prevent solids from binding or clogging and offer high operating efficiencies to cut your pumping costs.

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Myers 3MW 3 Inch Non-Clog Submersible Pump

The heavy-duty Myers 3MW series sewage pumps are designed for use in residential raw sewage and light commercial applications. The enclosed two-vane impeller provides high efficiency pumping and easily handles trashy solids normally found in sewage applications.

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Myers 2HP Grinder Pump System

Flexible piping system with slip-fit discharge connection provides ease of installation and removal for all 2 HP grinders. Pumps include a stainless steel stand.

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AURORA® Layne Verti-Line Series

Layne/Verti-Line Pumps is a manufacturer and distributor of vertical turbine pumps for the Industrial Process, Agricultural, Utility, Petroleum, Petro-Chemical, Municipal Water Supply and Water Treatment markets. For more than a century, Layne/Verti-Line has been one of the leaders in the industry, constantly improving designs to satisfy changing market requirements.

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AURORA® End Suction Fire Pumps

Built to the same quality standards of all Aurora fire pumps, the Model 384 end suction fire pumps are specifically designed to significantly reduce fire pump space requirements. Available with either an electric motor or diesel engine driver, the pumps can address a wide range of fire pump applications. Aurora’s end suction fire pumps feature a back pullout design for easy disassembly and maintenance.

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