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Water Treatment

Infilco Degremont Water and Wastewater Treatment Guide

Infilco provides high-performance water, wastewater, and sludge treatment solutions for any size population and virtually any influent condition.

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UCD LML Lamellar Clarification + Filtration

Accelerated separation of the water and flocs by passing them through lamellar modules. Sand pressure filtration with manual or automatic filter backwashing.

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Degremont Technologies Water Treatment Solutions

As a worldwide network of water treatment equipment providers and manufacturers, we offer a unique integration of our expert companies. Utilizing the synergy of the group, we provide a wide array of water and wastewater treatment equipment and solutions to the municipal, industrial and leisure markets.

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Infilco - Ozonia Global Applications

Careful evaluation of each application means our customers receive the most efficient combination of technology and products. Our design engineers look at the entire treatment line to optimize your water supply.

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Water Treatment Process

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Marlo Inc. MRO-2.5 Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

MRO-2.5 light commercial grade reverse osmosis units combine high quality components with an energy-saving design for a reliable and economical supply of high purity water.

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Marlo Inc. MR Series Water Softner System

The Marlo ‘MR’ Series water softener system offers the commercial or institutional facility a robust and efficient solution for reducing mineral scale, soap usage, and energy consumption in their plumbing and other water-using equipment.

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Marlo Inc. Water Filter Systems

The Marlo ‘MFG’ Series automatic back-washing media filter system is designed to provide the highest quality in water filtration equipment while covering a wide variety of commercial applications.

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Marlo Inc. MRO-8H Reverse Osmosis System

Marlo MRO-8H Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered to economically produce high purity water by removal of dissolved minerals, bacteria, particles, and organic impurities.

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Myers 4 inch Submersible Well Pump

Stainless steel components and high-density composite resin impellers provide exceptional resistance to corrosion in harsh water conditions.

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Our Products

Water Tech shall be the region's leading provider of water and waste- water equipment and related products in all industries by providing timely, cost-effective engineered solutions from conceptual design to after sales-service.

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