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Waste Water Treatment

Anaconda Fatflot Sludgeway Toro Wastewater Equipment

Advanced FADAR® Flotation technology. Solid removal performance levels of up to 99%. Anaconda is made of FRP with high resistance chemical and mechanical resins. Accessibility and safety.

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RWL Water – Tipton Series

RWL Water provides complete treatment solutions for municipal, commercial, and industrial wastewaters. Tipton Series Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants are custom configured for each project.

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RWL Water – Packaged Waste Water Treatment Plants

RWL Water prefabricated packaged wastewater treatment plants provide complete solutions for on-site treatment. Our extended aeration activated sludge plants are designed to treat municipal or industrial wastewater, producing excellent quality, disinfected effluent.

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Delta Environmental - Ecopod

ECOPOD-N directly contributes to a cleaner, safer environment using the bacteria nature provides. As a result of air being pumped into the system, the bacteria thrive and grow in much greater numbers than would occur naturally. This “overpopulation” of bacteria speeds the process of breaking down the sewage, making it safe for release into the environment.

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Delta Environmental - Design Manual

The advanced wastewater treatment system described by these specifications is a Delta Environmental ECOPOD® Fixed Film Wastewater Treatment System Model D Series. This device shall essentially consist of a media container, engineered media, air diffusion system, specially designed discharge outlet tee, blower assembly, and control/alarm panel.

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Delta Environmental - Aerobic Treatment Units

The clear choice for wastewater on-site disposal system is the Whitewater® DF Series and UC Series Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). The Whitewater UC Series ATU was tested under standard 40 of ANSI/NSF International and met and exceeded Class I requirements with an average effluent quality of 6 mg/L BOD5 and 8 mg/L TSS.

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Conder Enviromental Clereflo-MBR

The conder MBR range of package sewage treatment plants packaged membrane technology treating to: 5mg/l BOD: 5mg/l SS: 5mg/l NH3

• Leading edge packaged sewage treatment
• Advanced Kubota membrane technology

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Conder Enviromental ASP6-25 PE SP

Designed and tested in accordance with BSEN12566-3:2005 and with the The British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads, the Clereflo ASP will serve a population range from 6-25 persons and is suitable for residential and commercial projects where mains drainage is not available.

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Conder Environmental SAF Range WWTP

Conder Environmental Solutions (Conder) has further developed its range of package sewage treatment plants utilizing proven Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) technology for optimum performance and dependability.

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