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Project References

Client Job Description
Pacific Fishing Company Design, Supply & Installation of Waste Water Treatment Plant, 800 HP Boiler & Accessories
BG Trinidad and Tobago Contract for the supply and installation of 1 no. Diesel and 1 no. GE Gas Generator for BGTT Carapal Ridge Plant
Arthur Chin Lee Clearwell Pumping Station & Distribution piping
Civistrict Associates Supply of Aerobic Treatment Units at La Romain, Debe and Ste. Madeline Health Centres
BG Trinidad and Tobago Contract for supply of 350 kW Diesel Generator, Foam System and Modification of Fire and Gas Systems
BHP Billiton Contract for the supply of Fire Pump Package, Water Pressurization System and Water Polishing System to BHP Billiton
Education Facilities Co. Ltd. Supply of Aerobic Treatment Units at La Romain Pre-School, Sangre Grande Pre-School and St. Sylvan’s Pre-School
WASA Water Treatment Plant @ Guyaguyare
ArcelorMittal Point Lisas Limited Supply of New 50,800GPD Sewerage Treatment Facility and Repairs to Lift Station Equipment
Hookmally Ali Limited Design, Supply and Installation of 35,000GPD Sewerage Treatment Facility - E-TECK Park Point Fortin
China Building Technique T&T Group Ltd Supply & installing of pumping equipment, filtration system, plumbing services and 12,000GPD Conder Wastewater Treatment Plant & Lift Station Equipment - Civil Aviation Authority Building
NIPDEC / Thermal Plus Supply & Installation of 18,000GPD Sewer Treatment Plant - Piparo Rehabilitation Centre
Housing Development Corporation Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a Sewerage Treatment Facility and Lift Station at Picton Road Extension, Sangre Grande
Barana Seafoods 1 MW Diesel Generator
ENCO Sewerage Treatment Plant for St Vincent Cricket Stadium
ENCO Antigua Car Park & Office Complex Sewerage treatment plant & Pumping System
Housing Development Corporation Design and Construction of a New Sewerage Facility at Hubertstown Guapo Housing Development
PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Limited Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 2HP Duplex Sewerage Grinder Pump System with Guide Rail system and Prefabricated Lift Station at PCS New Administration Building
China Jiangsu Corporation Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a 22,000GPD Sewer Treatment Plant and Fire Pump System at the Marabella Junior Secondary School
University of Trinidad and Tobago Supply, Installation and Commissioning an SAF800 N20 Conder Fibre Glass Sewerage Treatment Plant at the UTT Pt. Lisas Campus
Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission Supply and Installation of Perimeter Fire System
NM Wood Group Load Bank BGTT 480kW
China Railway Corporation BME Equipment Scarborough Hospital to include Pure Water System, Steam & Hot Water System, Water & Fire Systems, Water Feature
Hookmally Ali Limited Waste Water Treatments Plants at Debe & Point Fortin
Exeqtech Limited Supply, installation and Commissioning of Conder Fibre Glass Sewer Treatment plant, Pumps and Filters at Atlantic LNG
Haynes Plumbing Water & Waste Water Equipment Siparia Health Center
BHP Billiton Waste Water Treatment Plant at Guyaguyare Terminal
NM Wood Group Lift Station @ Atlantic LNG North Gate
Star Hotel Sewerage Treatment Plant, pumping equipment & boilers
Housing Development Corporation Lift Station at Corinth Housing Development
Pace Construction Limited Sewerage Treatment Plant @ La Fortune Housing Development
Housing Development Corporation Sewerage Treatment Plant @ Mountain View Housing Development
BGTT 40,000 OHRS Overhaul of Gas Generator
Archicon Limited Supply & Installation of Water Treatment & Steam Equipment for the POS Hospital CSSD
South West Regional Health Authority Medical Waste Incinerator San Fernando Hospital
BGTT Fire & Gas Detection System @ Beachfield Terminal Facility
HSMDT Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants @ Cara Court & West Hills Housing Developments
PCS Nitrogen Supply & install Oil & Water Separator & Pumping System
Water Works Limited Supply & Installation of chlorination equipment at Caura, Maracas St Joseph for WASA
WASA Upgrade of Water Treatment Plant @ Acono
TC International Supply & Install Sewerage Treatment Plant at Scotiabank IOSS
RBC Supply & Install Sewerage Treatment Plant at Chaguanas
Housing Development Corp. Supply & install fire system at various housing estates
Ferrostall Supply & install water Treatment Plant at TGU Powerplant
Synes Contracting Supply & Install Sewerage Treatment Plant at Eden Gardens Housing Development
  Various Pumping Packages

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